Events & Calendars

Events in 25Live

Events organized by University groups, such as club meetings, review sessions, department meetings, one-time computer lab reservations, lecture series, conferences, etc. can be scheduled by any campus user directly in 25Live. Click on the User Guides tab of this page for instructions on how to make a basic reservation. For technical problems email

Non-University (off-campus) groups looking to use Humboldt's facilities should refer to the Campus Events website for information on leasing the University facilities.

Academic classes room placements are handled by the Academic Affairs office. Class-related inquiries should be submitted via email to For more information on scheduling academic classes go to the Class Schedule Resources website.

Campus Events Calendars

In addition to being Humboldt's room scheduling solution, 25Live is also the platform used to create and update various events calendars.

Featured Events is the main campus-wide events calendar to which any Humboldt student, staff, or faculty can submit an event via 25Live. Learn how to do it here!

25Live is also widely used by various campus groups to publish their own department's calendar of events such as lectures, talks, deadlines, etc. Check out some sample departmental calendars below: 

Seasonal Calendars (due to their seasonal nature may appear to have no upcoming events):


Event Categories in 25Live have a dual function. They allow advanced events schedulers to:

  • "tag" events to indicate the event target audience,
  • control on which calendar(s) events are displayed on calendars.

Most frequently used event "tags"/target audience:

  • Academic
  • Alumni
  • Faculty
  • Open to the Public
  • Queer
  • Staff
  • Student
  • University Activity

Event publishing control categories:

  • Community Event - used for events organized by non-University groups
  • Don’t Publish To The Web - prevents events from being published to ANY calendars
  • Featured Event - used by MarCom ONLY
  • Publish to Department Calendar - used to publish an event if a department is using a 25Live calendar.
  • SERIES: [series name] - used to publish events to established University event series calendars, such as Welcome Home to Humboldt.