Events & Calendars

Campus Events Calendar

25Live is the campus tool used to manage the schedules of various teaching and non-teaching spaces. You can also use 25Live to submit events to various events calendars. Any HSU student, staff, or faculty can add an event to the Campus Events Calendar.

25Live can also be used to create your department's calendar of events such as lectures, talks, deadlines, etc. Check out some sample department's calendars below:

Events Categories

Event Catgories in 25Live have a dual function. They allow advanced events schedulers to:

  • "tag" events to indicate the event target audience,
  • control in which calendars events are displayed.

Most frequently used event "tags"/target audience:

  • Academic
  • Faculty
  • Open to the Public
  • Queer
  • Staff
  • Student
  • University Activity

Event publishing control categories:

  • Community Event - used for evnts organized by non-HSU groups
  • Don’t Publish To The Web - prevents events from being published ito ANY calendars
  • Featured Event - used by MarCom ONLY
  • Publish to Department Calendar - used to publish an event if a department is using a 25Live calendar.