25Live FAQs

The best first step to determining if the problem is in the application or your browser is to clear your browser's cache.

Do you have a favorite event or location search in 25Live you would like to share with your coworker?
Did a co-worker share a 25Live search with you but you don't know how to find it?

How to tell if you are able to request to reserve a location?

Yes, more and more campus rooms are scheduled via 25Live and you can use it to request to book several conference rooms.

Contact your department coordinator who will verify class details and email r25class@humboldt.edu with the request.

Learn how to resolve errors appearing when saving events in 25Live.

How to confirm that you got the room you requested? How to tell if your room request is still pending? How to make sure that you actually requested a room?

Where do I find the link to the 25Live website?

Learn how to spice up your website by adding a calendar of events.

Learn how to add your 25Live reservation to your own Google calendar.

Learn how to add a link to your event description.

Learn how to add a video clip to your event description. This is particularly useful when posting events on web calendars.

Learn how to publicize your event on the Campus Events Calendar.

How to enter requestor's information in the Event Form.

Instructions on how to structure a grouping of specific rooms/locations using Advanced Location Search.

Instructions on how to structure a grouping of specific events using Advanced Event Search.

Change the event state to Cancelled using the Event State drop-down menu.

Open the event in Event Wizard and manage individual event occurrences.

Make your 25Live Dashboard show what YOU want to see!

You can easily email event details directly from 25Live to anyone.

Use the "Find Available Locations" widget or the Public Location searches.

4 ways to find an event you created.

Learn how to use all the calendar features to find and share Humboldt events.

Learn how to "star" various 25Live components to save yourself time when making reservations and navigating within 25Live.

Instructions on how to build an Advanced Task Search to find ALL pending location assignment requests and ALL other tasks.

Instructions on how to run reports in 25Live.

Step-by-step instructions on searching for rooms equipped with hyflex technology.

Learn how to subscribe to 25Live web calendar.

Explanation of why date restrictions on event creation exist.

Do I have to enter my event name into both fields? No, you can skip Event Title!

Learn how to check if all of your classes have rooms for a given semester.

Use an online picture as long as you honor its copyrights.

How to find a person to discuss the booking of a particular room?