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What is 25Live and what does it do?

25Live is HSU's room scheduling software used for viewing campus events and spaces, scheduling campus events and assigning rooms to them (including academic classes). Additionally, 25Live is used for publishing event calendars to various departamental websites.

25Live allows campus users to:
  • Search for events and classes based on the date/time, location name, or event name.
  • Request to reserve a variety of locations across campus for, followed by an email response and reservation confirmation.
  • Manage the schedule of the department's conference rooms, labs, sport facilities, performance spaces, etc.
  • Receive and approve/deny room requests electronically.
  • View information about location details, such as its "owner", features, capacity, square footage, photographs, room layouts, etc.
  • Submit events to the HSU Events calendar or department's own calendar.

If you would like to start using 25Live to manage your departmental labs, conference room, or other spaces, or if you would like to use 25Live to post your department's calendar on your website, please email r25class@humboldt.edu.

25Live News

25Live Pro is replacing 25Live Classic on November 5, 2019!

The new and improved version version of 25Live (Pro) is currently available in "production" mode and can be used NOW.

The key improvements include but are not limited to: 

  • Simplified, consolidated navigation
  • Unified master search
  • New drag and drop functionality
    • Drag and drop occurrences (start/end times, resources, and a single location) in the multi location availability views (select 'Edit Mode' in the drop down menu)
    • Drag and drop occurrences on a given event (dates, start/end times, and all location/resource assignments) in a new event 'Schedule' view
  • On-the-fly occurrence cancellation, deletion, and copy in availability views (via right click)
  • Additional Event Inline Editing functionality
  • New view and display options:
    • The ability to view related locations in the Calendar view
    • An option to display related event information in the event Calendar and Task List
  • A single invoice for related event sets, and the ability to refresh a previously generated invoice with updated event data.

For more information on what the 25Live Pro looks like an how to start using it, join one of the training sessions!